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Augie Leone, MY FIRST 50K AT AGE 82
Todd Hyde, Post-race letter to PALM100 runners
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Jim Schroeder, Race Report
Another great Endurance Run from UltraSports thanks to Bob and Mike. RD Bob Becker, Time Keeper Mike Melton and their large number of enthusiastic volunteers, as is always the case in their events, put on a superb endurance run. There were three options: Individual 100K, Individual 50K and a 6-runner team relay over 100 miles.

The PALM100 promotes fundraising in the battle against prostate cancer. Donations are used for educational outreach and free prostate cancer screenings in South Florida. Please see “Charities” and “Support Your Runner” pages on

The course starts at A1A and Los Olas in Fort Lauderdale and runs northbound out and back for the Individual 100K and 100 Mile Relay. The Individual 50K runners take a shuttle bus north to the 100K turn around then run back. We experienced typical weather for The Palm 100 run in Fort Lauderdale late March: Warm start, very hot afternoon and a perception of cooling ever so slightly as the sun sets. The main requirement is to balance hydration, electrolytes and calorie intake over the course of the day and into evening. Oh, and to stay in forward progress as the hours unfold. :-)

New Male and Female 100K records were set: Michele Graglia in 9:23:44 and Krystle Martinez in 11:18:54.

Even though I got lost in the dark for 15 minutes looking for the final check in / aid station just 3 miles from the finish, I managed a 14:18 finish feeling in good shape despite the heat. First place (and only competitor!) in age group. Easy to win age group when there's no competition other than to log a finish. :-)

The Palm 100 represents a good warm up for the upcoming Keys 100 Miler staring May - 19th 2012 in Key largo, finishing in Key West: The good thing about The Keys 100 is that the course follows Highway 1 from Key Largo to Key West so getting lost would take a dedicated effort. ;-)

Special thanks to Bob and Cindy for the terrific photos posted on the FB FUR page. TOP

Augie Leone, MY FIRST 50K AT AGE 82
On March 24, 2012 was the PALM 100 race which consisted of three races, the individual 50K (31 miles), the 100K (62 miles) and 6 runner 100 miles team relay. The 100K race started at 6:00 am at the corner of Las Olas Blvd and A1A, Fort Lauderdale Beach. They go 31 miles north to the turn around point, Ocean Ridge (Boynton Beach Inlet Park) and back. Meanwhile the 50K runners are bussed at 7:45 am from Las Olas Blvd to Ocean Ridge for a 10:00 am start. The teams had a different time and route schedule. I got on the 7:45 am bus with the 50K runners and took a nap along the way.

The PALM 50K was my first 50K at age 82 and can now say I’ve done 40 marathons and beyond since age 70 (11 after age 80). The seeds for this run were planted one year ago when I saw the Banyon Road aid station across the street from my condo and watched the runners checking in. Coincidently it is the midpoint of the 50K. Not that I never thought about a 50K before but at the end of marathons I always thought, there is no way I could do another 5 miles so I would dismiss the idea. This time, seeing the aid station, my thoughts turned more positive and another 5 miles is truly mental as all long distance runners say. It still feels like a lot more than “just another 5 miles“. Doing a 1/1 run/walk was my running plan.
No question this run was a heat endurance event with it being a typical Florida sunny 83 degree day. The 50K started promptly at 10:00 am. The first aid station was at about 2.5 miles. After that they were basically 4 to 5 miles apart except gratefully the last 5 mile segment was split. No mile markers like in marathons. Between aid stations drank mostly a full bottle of water and had a combination of my favorite Medjool dates, gels and even a bar. Also would grab a handful of M & M’s with nuts to chew on as left the aid stations. At the 9.5 mile aid station was already starting to feel signs of heat fatigue and felt needed to do something or I wasn’t going to make it. I put about 6 ice cubes in a sandwich zip lock bag, put it on my head and my cap over it to hold it in place. It felt a little too cold at start but that didn’t last long. Then it started dripping. The bag had a hole, but it felt good. By the next aid station the ice and water were gone for the next refill. It worked.

Josie met me at the mile 15.5 midpoint Banyon Road aid station. I called her in advance that I forgot sunglasses so she had them for me. Our drop bags were also there for us. I gave Josie my cap and put on my Australian safari broad rim hat. It had more head room for the ice and offered more all around sun protection. During this first half I was doing mostly a 1:15/:45 run/walk. From this point on hardly saw any runners, there was a long lonely stretch of open road to the mile 21 aid station where several runners were gathered. Sat down a couple minutes. Still maintaining the 1/1 run/walk on my way to the next aid station at mile 26, the marathon distance. But what was strange, when I reached the mile 26 aid station, I felt like I was at mile 20 of the marathon. So I went into my marathon ending mode of :30 to :45 seconds run surges with about 1:30 walk. Gratefully next aid station was at 28.5 for last refill of water and ice. The last 2.5 miles were along Fort Lauderdale beach with the sidewalks filled with people, kids, coolers, strollers and open car doors to dodge. At last 31 miles, 7:33:22 (14:37 pace).

I got my medallion, bottle of water, some fruit and relaxed. It’s now about 6 pm, still sunny, beach crowded, people in the water. Couldn’t resist, went for a 5 minute swim, shower and now feel chilled. There was a reserved meeting room for us at Exit 66. Changed clothes there, then to car for sweater and back to the bar for my free beer and though it’s against my diet had the free pizza. Awards at 10 pm, got my award 1st of 1 in 80 plus age group. Stayed to the end of festivities about 11 pm.

Would I do it again? Absolutely, for as long as I’m able. What I like about a 50K versus a marathon is that they are really small and there is no time pressure, it’s all about just finishing and surviving. It’s not a mystery anymore. I can’t express how good it feels, especially at my age, to still be able to compete and be among such an energetic and friendly group and also a unique breed of runners. I firmly believe the number one secret to running longevity is a healthy diet to avoid the most common diseases that end running. Second, vigorous exercise to be able to enjoy the life. Thank you all for your compliments, they keep me inspired to continue. TOP

Todd Hyde, Post-race letter to PALM100 runners
I knew going into this race that I could certainly finish a 50k again,I just wasn't sure how much the 10am start time would hinder me.I had checked the weather all week and knew it was going to be hot.earlier in the week,my wife and I had received the news that our 14 year old daughter had an arachnoid cyst near the cerebellum of her brain.the lord has always blessed us but it even more apparent in that this cyst was not cancerous nor was it a tumor.I used my daughter as motivation all day.I started off the race fine with my 2 minute run 2 minute walk pace and I was content with this.I was hydrating well but I wasn't eating and that came back to haunt each aid station I filled my bottles and went back the 15.8 mile aid station,I changed socks from my drop bag and reapplied body glide to prevent any chafing.if you have ever done an event of any major length of time and you develop chafing,when you get home and get in the shower and that water hits those areas you feel like screaming like a little girl.aside from not eating at the 15.8 mile aid station,I sat too ultrarunning circles there is the cautionary note of beware the chair and it is so true.from this aid station I had about 5.3 miles to the next aid station but it was also getting about 20 miles,I was delayed by a drawbridge.I was so happy to see that drawbridge because it gave me time to relax all the while it was counting against my time.when forward motion resumed,I was almost out of fluid in both of my handheld bottles and I didn't realize how close the next aid station was.I stopped in to a little bagel shop and bought water,Gatorade,and a coke for the nausea I was feeling from not eating.once I exited the bagel shop,not 2 tenths of a mile lo and behold was aid station 21.1 mile.I knew I only had 10 miles left but those were some long ass 10 miles especially on a brutally hot day in march.the next aid station was at 25.9 miles and my left hip started hindering the way I was running but as much as I might have thought about stopping,I thought of my daughter and that I would give her my medal.believe it or not the next 4.8 miles went relatively quick relatively speaking of that aid station I knew I was close to fort lauderdale but the finish line was still 6 plus miles I checked in at that aid station and again sat too long,I didn't eat anything either.the next aid station was only 3 miles away,ONLY,there's that damn word was that a long 3 back was tightening up but I still had no intention of quitting although the thought was there.after arriving at the last aid station,I sat down and this volunteer was awesome,she poured cold water on my hands,head,arms,she was so nice.2.8 miles to the finish and not only did I have to endure the miles but the spring breakers who would be crowding the sidewalks.these were some tough last few miles but there was the finish line and my friend Eric Friedman calling my name out as I strode across the timing mat.8 hours 29 minutes and 1 tough as this was when you have a goal in mind do everything in your power to complete daughter is going to be fine because we are going to rectify this situation.she also has my medal.take care and god bless. TOP