Note to Runners:  Please check here from time to time for breaking news and important updates.  In addition, all race-related e-newsletters are archived below for your reference.
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Clarification regarding team vehicles: only ONE team vehicle will be allowed on the course. No exceptions.
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Race strategy—length of individual running segments: teams retain the flexibility to determine race strategy and to modify their plan during the race.  However, at no time will any one “leg” be allowed that is less than one full mile in length.
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In all cases where the race route directs runners onto the road shoulder, runners MUST run on the OCEAN side of Overseas Highway FACING TRAFFIC.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Following someone who violates this rule is no excuse.  This is considered a major violation and will be enforced accordingly.
Violations of any race rules will result in a 10-minute penalty for each infraction.  Depending upon the severity of the violation and other factors, including but not limited to flagrancy of the violation and safety considerations, violators may be disqualified from the race at any time at the discretion of the Race Director.  Race marshals will be monitoring the course throughout the race to ensure compliance.  They will have the authority to impose time penalties on the spot.  Race rules will be VERY strictly enforced.
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Race timing will be chip-based for 2011.  Results will be posted at the finish line, and uploaded to the race website for those who would like to follow their runner or team’s progress at home.  Top finishers and age-range winners will be identified as they finish.

Note to Runners:

Please check here from time to time for timely updates and important reminders.

Aid stations for individual races: Each aid station will offer ice, water, Heed, Perpetuem, soft drinks, “runner food”, peanut butter sandwiches, bananas and other items.  Endurolytes electrolyte replacement capsules will also be available at each station, as will hand sanitizer and basic first aid kits.  Volunteers will be able to direct you to the closest bathrooms.

Drop bags: locations will be available for personal drop bags at aid stations , plans are still being made, check back for details

No individual support crew: Runners in the 100k and 50k races may NOT have support crew on the course during the race.  Friends and family may meet runners at any aid station and provide support there, but not at any other spot along the route.  The exception is that pacers are allowed after 6:00pm at the runner’s option.