6th Annual


PALM100 Ultras


Ultra Races at the Beach


Deerfield Beach, Florida 

March 1, 2014




Starting and Finishing at the Deerfield Beach Curve.

1st Race Starts at 6:00 am  
Course Closes at 
2:00 am




5 Events to Choose From


  •   100 Mile Team Relay  [ 6 person teams ]

Race to Ft Lauderdale then North to Palm Beach and back to Deerfield Beach


   100K Individual Race  [ 62 miles ]

2 loops from Deerfield Beach to Ocean Ridge Inlet and back


   50K Individual Race [ 32 miles ]

Deerfield Beach to Ocean Ridge Inlet and back


   50K Two Person Relay Race  [ 32 miles ]

Deerfield Beach to Ocean Ridge Inlet and back with your teammate biking alongside [ you decide the distances you run and where you switch off - 2 people & 1 bike ]


   32K Individual Race  [ 19.4 miles ]

Deerfield Beach to Delray Beach and back


Live in the frozen north? Why not cheat Winter in the sunshine of South Florida, running this beautiful ocean road race!

Are you a Floridian? Been training hard all winter for the marathon season? Don’t hang up your racing shoes yet!  The 32K is a Great Boston Training Run!


For the 6th year, the PALM100 six runner 100 mile team relay race will charge along "A1A" from Deerfield Beach to FortLauderdaleBeach to Palm Beach and back. Enjoy running “long” with friends on Saturday mornings? This event is made for you!Returning in 2014 are two PALM100 individual ultramarathon-distance competitions. The 100 kilometer event will begin at the beach in Deerfield Beach. Runners will head north for 16 miles to the turn-around at OceanInletPark--located at the Boynton Beach Inlet to the Atlantic Ocean--then run back to the finish line in Deerfield Beach where the race began.  You will be doing two loops.Runners in the 50 kilometer race will begin at Deerfield Beach and head north to the turn-around at OceanInletPark--located at the Boynton Beach Inlet to the Atlantic Ocean, then run back to the finish line at Deerfield Beach where the race began.  This is a fast and flat course--a great venue for setting a new "PR". You will only do one loop.

New for 2014 are a 2 person and 1 bicycle relay that will follow the same 50K course as outlined
above.  One person on the team will be running while the other is biking alongside.  You choose how far each person runs and where you switch.  Perfect for a couple or two athletes who want to split running and riding!

In addition, a 32K individual run has been added which will start in Deerfield Beach and run to Delray Beach, turning around at the AnchorPark aid station and heading back to Deerfield Beach.  This is a perfect 20 mile race for anyone training for Boston 6 weeks later!

All 5 events will run the last 150 feet on the white sands of Deerfield Beach finishing in front of "Oceans234" Restaurant, which will be our food sponsor for the event.  You’ll be asked when you register to select one of the 5 menu choices being offered, so we can have a rough idea of what to expect race day.  After the race you’re free to select whatever you wish at that moment! Any other people in your party will be able to order off the regular menu offered by "Oceans234".Showers and bathrooms are plentiful in the area where the race will be staged.  The newly renovated Fishing Pier is open to the public for $1 per person, and the view is fantastic.  Parking is available in the USA parking garage located about 1.5 blocks away from the start and we have a Special Rate of $10 for 24 hours.  There are 2 convenience stores  [one is a 7/11] between the garage and the start as well as 7 other restaurants and bars.Plan on bringing a beach chair and hanging out at the finish line to cheer in the rest of the runners as they cross the finish line. We’ll have a gear check area at the finish so after your race, you can jump in the ocean or shower off and change in one of the bathrooms at the start/finish area.

Curious about running an individual “Ultra”

Ever run a marathon?Looking for a different running experience—with excellent bragging rights? Then the PALM100 individual races of 50 kilometers and 100 kilometers are waiting for you. Move up to the challenge of an ultramarathon. Run the barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, from Deerfield Beach to OceanInletPark and back--or double down, if you prefer--past the amazing real estate and landscaping of the Florida Gold Coast. Finish on the sand in Deerfield Beach, with the spring crowd helping to cheer you “home”. The 50k and 100k are fully supported, with aid stations located approximately every 3-5 miles to provide food, water, ice and electrolyte replacement.  Check out all the details at “Tips & FAQ”.

Running with a Relay Team?  Ever run a half-marathon?

Then the PALM100 Relay Race is perfect for you–and five of your running friends! Our relay format is a lot of fun and easy to organize. It allows you and your mates a lot of flexibility in scheduling the length of each "leg" of the race to fit your ability level, and to make changes to the plan during the race if you like. Then there is the creative side: naming your team, decorating the team vehicle, perhaps designing a team tee shirt or costume--and yelling insults at the competition along the way! Compete in a 100 mile race without running the entire distance yourself. Run 16 or 17 total miles for the day, a few miles at a time, with plenty of recovery time between turns. A day of running distance while hanging out with friends. That’s the PALM100 Team Relay. Check out all the details at “Tips & FAQ” and the “Route Map”.

Further Information to follow
 Direct questions to;
Race Director, Scott Richards at:
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Notes from the Race Director:

I’m happy to announce that the PALM100 Ultra’s will be back for its 6th running. The new date for the race will be, March 1st 2014.  Hopefully the weather isn’t as hot, at this time of year.

Mike Melton has agreed to help produce the race along with myself ( Scott Richards )

There are a lot of changes for this year, and plans are still in the works as to the exact start & finish line, but the City of Deerfield Beach has given us the tentative ‘OK’ to proceed with the race.  The course will be centered around the Deerfield Pier area of the beach.  (  Google….200 NE 21st Ave, Deerfield Beach33441 )

Plans are to keep the same 3 races; the 100 mile team relay, the 100K individual race, the 50K individual race, and add 2 new races to attract more people to the event.  The 2 new races would be a two person 50K relay event, with two runners and one bicycle, and a 30 or 32K individual race.

The 100 mile team course would remain basically the same, it will just start in Deerfield Beach and run south to Ft Lauderdale, then up to Palm Beach and back to Deerfield Beach.

The 100K & two 50K events will run from Deerfield Beach to the Boynton Inlet and back, with the 100K doing 2 loops.  The 32K individual race will run from Deerfield Beach to AnchorPark in Delray and back to Deerfield Beach!

An additional change I’m working on is having a restaurant partner, to provide meals after the race to all runners on their outdoor patio that faces the beach and possible finish line. Your pull tag on your bib will entitle you to a selection off a short menu created for the race, a drink ( non alcoholic ) and the tip! Additional items would be available for purchase and additional family members would just pay their way.  This change is necessary because of restriction on cooking at the beach, and the hoops necessary to jump thru to have a grill to cook burgers would add $$$ to the registration price.  Its much easier to have a restaurant located right in front of the finish line do all that work, and we just focus on the race and sipping cold beer or margaritas after the race on the beach watching fellow runners finish! Update:  Ocens234 will be catering to our post race needs

The one thing that might screw up finishing “on” the beach, is March 1st is the 1st day of turtle season, and those damn turtles have the whole beach reserved until October 31st.  I’m seeking permission from the powers to be, to put the finish line on the beach…we’ll see!  Update: Permission received!

All of the races will be starting between 6am & 7:30am.  We’re planning a 15 minute stager between races, to break up the groups. This means runners in the 50K events will be finishing around noon, so the thought of having an “After Party” with everyone is slim, as the 100 event runners won’t be done for another 6-8 hours.  However we’re going to encourage everyone to bring a beach chair and make a beach day of it, hanging out with your fellow runners as long as your schedule allows. Showers are available at the beach at several spots close to where we are looking at being, and restrooms at the beach have just been remodeled and are plentiful in that area.  Parking is available at a parking garage 2 blocks away for $10 for 24 hours.

Hotels in the area are pricey since we’re still ‘in’ season, the Wyndham is at $289 a night.  I have several room booked at a LaQuinta 3 miles away @$ 120 a night if anyone is interested.

That’s a lot of info for now, If you can help us spread the word about the race, and the new date, it would be appreciated!

Registration is open on  UltraSignUp.com   Click Here

There is also a new PALM 100 Ultra Facebook page    Click Here.

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Times to Beat – Race Records
100 Kilometer Individual Ultramarathon
Men's Women's
Michele Gaglia
Krystle Martinez
9:23:44 (2012)
11:37:22 (2012)
Miami Beach FL Indialantic FL
50 Kilometer Individual Ultramarathon
Stevie Dodd Carrie Pustilnik
4:06:57 (2011)
4:32:53 (2013)
Orlando  FL Delray Beach  FL
Six Runner 100 Mile Team Relay
Road Warriors
10:16:44 (2012)
Lake Worth  FL